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Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Our Mission

The Rotary Club of Point West Sacramento is a vibrant community service organization promoting service to those in need, goodwill, peace, and fellowship

Our Vision

Be a major contributor to children’s charities and support other local and global charitable opportunities and to be recognized for such

Our Core Values

Service, Fellowship, Respect, Diversity, Integrity and Leadership

Our Brand

Great people doing extraordinary things and having fun while doing it!

Our Goals

  1. Develop and maintain a strong public relations/outreach campaign that will effectively drive membership and support fundraising efforts.
  2. Achieve a net increase of 8-10 new members by the end of each term during the period 2020-2023. Asking the Membership to seek out possible new members that would be the right person, be the right fit and have the right attitude. 
  3. Increase the Permanent Fund of the Point West Rotary Club Foundation to $1.5 million by the end of the 2020 - 2023 Rotary year.
  4. Encourage a strong presence and participation in District and Rotary International events and programs.
  5. Make fundraising decisions with purpose, discipline and full support of the Club and Foundation to fuel our community giving.