West Campus Interact 
West Campus Interact 
The Interact Club at West Campus High School works together with the Rotary Club of Point West-Sacramento. We strive to improve local and international communities through service, resource provisions, & inclusive access to education, as well as promote hospitality in the school-environment. Through Interact, members develop leadership skills, build friendships, and prioritize selflessness. Interact Club is currently one of the biggest service-clubs at West Campus with a growing 130 members!
Fun Fact
  • Our mascot is an elephant! Almost every meeting, the offices bake fresh cookies for the members!
  • We meet the first 3 Mondays of the month in the classroom of our advisor of over 20 years, Brian Laird.
  • Instagram (most active): @wcinteractclub
  • Email: wcinteractclub@gmail.com
  • President: Nancy Ly
  • Vice President: Aly Kim
  • Treasurer: Megan Vang
  • Secretaries: Diana Aguilar & Jordan Ly
  • Historians: Desiree Avina & Samantha Orellana Hernandez
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Leya Wu
  • Director of Communication: Jenny Vu
West Campus Interact 
Work in the community since September 2022: 
  • Help set up for PWR charity beer festival
  • Help distribute water to participants in the Sacramento Walk4Literacy march. This event aims to bring awareness to Sacramento’s low literacy rates.
Computers for Zambia
  • Members worked with StudentReach and ReachZambia to inspect computers that would be sent Zambian schools
Brian Moore Rotary Garden Planting
  • Members plotted hundreds of seedlings in Brian Moore’s garden, where the harvest would be donated to food charities
  • Members collaborated with River City Key Club to work the IRONMAN marathon in Sacramento.
Camellia Fall Carnival
  • Members helped work the game, prize, and food booths at Camellia Basic’s , a local elementary school, annual fall carnival.
ARI Haunted House
  • Members dressed up to work the Haunted House at ARI (Asian Resources Inc.), which a local community center
Carnevil Food Fair
  • One of Interact Club’s favorite fundraiser items is taiyaki (fish-shaped waffles with various fillings) from SomiSomi. Members were able to sell out 200 taiyaki at the school food-fair
Interact Pumpkin Patch
  • The club purchased mini-pumpkins for club members to decorate, which would be added to the mini-pumpkin patch we had on campus. Not only did members have fun decorating the pumpkins, other staff and students found joy seeing the fun pumpkins everyday!
Blue Jean Go Green
  • We hosted a school-wide denim drive that collected denim that was sent to Zappos to be turned into insulation. We were able to collect 88 pounds worth of denim.
Volunteer Service Day
  • Members helped the City of Sacramento clean up along public spaces, live river banks, trails, & parks
Run to Feed the Hungry
  • Members helped register runners and passed out gear for the annual Run to Feed the Hungry marathon, which is hosted by the Sacramento Food Bank
The First Harvest
  • Members returned to Brian Moore’s memorial garden to harvest crops, which would be sent to local food charities
Hot Chocolate!
  • Members made and served hot chocolate to students and staff. A small act of kindness that warmed the bodies and souls of West Campus. We served over 90 people!
Mark Twain Winter Games
  • We organized and hosted a small Christmas event for the 3rd graders at Mark Twain Elementary, which is directly connected to our school.
Santa’s Elves
  • We hosted a Christmas gift drive to provide presents for the children at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Sacramento. We received a whopping – donations!
This is it for 2022, but we will continue serving our communities in 2023!